Sound Tuning of the Sony PS3 console



Please note that the modifications discussed are only to externally reinforce the case of the PS3. No modifications are applied internally to the electric circuit. The PS3 was developed after extensive R&D, being closely modelled on computer design rationale, therefore it's not possible to internally modify.

If the case reinforcement of the PS3 is undertaken whilst listening, many changes and improvements to the sound performance will be experienced. The optimum condition from these actions will depend on the actual siting of the PS3. For example, what type of shelf or rack is used, how far is the PS3 located from the main loudspeaker system etc. Therefore the final tuning should be completed, whilst referring to my report.

In the past, the art of 'tuning up' sound performance could be accomplished by changing a tone arm, pick up cartridge, headshell, or wiring etc. Unlike a record player, there is no dust cover to remove on a PS3 either! By the method I will outline, the same kind of satisfaction can be achieved with a PS3. For younger people, with little knowledge of an analogue world, it should be a new and interesting experience.

The HDMI element of the PS3 consists of one piece of the mother board. An LSI made by Silicon Images (HDMI v1.3) is utilised for high quality signal generation.

The case of the PS3 has been manufactured from polycarbonate and is thus a little weak from an audio product viewpoint. However, as polycarbonate is the same material used for CD and DVD, any different sound character due to the specific vibration of the disc material can be minimised from the case of the PS3.

If you have a good audio system, you may be surprised that the sound quality can be changed with even a small amount of tuning. With a little more time and effort, further improvements can be enjoyed. Without instruction it will be hard to determine to which areas the tuning work should be applied. So, the following sections should act as a useful guide to this end.

Basically the improvements to be gained by reinforcement are as follows:

It may not be possible to obtain the ideal material for reinforcement and also the best position will differ according to the distance from the loudspeaker. Nevertheless, I hope you will understand the basic concept of reinforcement in order to better experience the pleasure of music that Hi-Fi can deliver. Hopefully, your friends and family can share the experience with you.